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2 Ways Of Masking Kratom Taste To Cover Up Its Horrible Flavor

I place the funnel cup on the opening of the deer park water bottle. I begin pouring the green powder through the funnel cup until I hit five grams. A cloud of green smoke fills the bottle. Next I pour filtered water through the funnel cup and fill the deer park water bottle half way. You can still see visible crumbs of the green powder trying to mix in with the water. I close the top on the deer park water bottle and shake it up waiting for it to settle.

I pop the top and begin drinking. Kratom tastes horrible and people weren’t kidding. Kratom has such a bitter taste, it almost makes your tongue hurt if you drink too much. Think of the most bitter thing you ever ate and times that by five, that’s Kratom. Well I can’t let a good thing go to waste. I prepare myself mentally and chug the rest of the Kratom. Disgusting I think to myself, but it’s all good. Thirty minutes later I’m in my happy place. Namaste.

How To Make Kratom Taste Good


For All The Great Benefits Of Kratom It Doesn’t Taste Good It Tastes Really Really Bad.

 Number One Recommendation For Avoiding The Bad Taste Of Kratom Is Mixing It With Orange Juice


Kratom Taste Terrible: How To Take Kratom To Avoid The Horrible, Bitter, Nasty Taste

Orange juice has an acidic property so this would drop the bitter taste of Kratom. Orange juice is not the only acidic fruit. You have lemons, grapefruit, and cranberry juice as well.

There’s other ways as well. Some people like taking Kratom with chocolate milk or protein powder. I tried taking Kratom with protein powder, but Kratom still tasted bitter to me. I’ve read about parachuting Kratom. That’s where you wrap the Kratom in a piece of toilet paper or rice paper and swallow it like you would a pill. Taking Kratom this way you don’t have to taste the Kratom, but you have to be careful about how much Kratom you wrap. Too much Kratom and you could end up choking or gagging

 Second Best Recommendation For Avoiding The Bad Taste Of Kratom Is Mixing It With Stevia


Masking Kratom Taste To Cover Up It's Horrible Flavor

Stevia is a natural organic sweetener that comes from the leaves of the plant species Stevia Rebaudiana.

Stevia is made up of compounds called steviol glycosides which have up to 150 times the sweetness of regular processed sugar. Steviol glycosides has very little effect on blood sugar levels which appeals to people trying to limit the amount of processed sugar they are consuming.

Some of the benefits of Stevia include:

  • Helping With Diabetes -with zero calories, zero sugar, and zero carbs. Stevia has very little effect on insulin level
  • Helping With Weight Loss-one of the main causes of weight gain is too much processed sugar.
  • Lower Blood Pressure-Certain glycosides in stevia extract have been found to lower blood pressure by expanding blood vessels and allowing blood to flow normally.

Listen to Dr. Paul Haider A Master Herbalist give his take on Stevia.


Check out this video on mixing Kratom with Stevia:

You will need:


2. Milk Powder or Protein Powder

3. Water

4. Stevia


Pour the milk powder/protein powder with the the Kratom and add water. Stir into a nice mix until there are no Kratom crumbs.

Add Stevia and you’re ready to go.

Wait What If You Don’t Want To Use Protein/Milk Powder?


Perfect, you can use lemon flavored Stevia and water instead.


Add water to your Kratom and pour LOTS of Stevia. Kratom will have a rich lemon taste that will mask the horrible taste.

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