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Mixing Kratom And Phenibut Review: Best Thing For Non-Responders To Kratom

“Wha-what’s your name” I asked as I stuttered. “Miranda” she said. “My name’s Chris”. “Nice to meet you” Miranda said. A moment of awkward silence passed as I tried to think of next thing to say to her. I stuttered again asking her what year she was and what she was majoring in. The conversation just felt dry like it was going no where. The vibe just felt weird maybe because I was nervous. The conversation died and I went back to staring at the board.

I was in my third year of University at my first period Calculus class, which I would fail that semester, trying to make small talk with the girls in my class like I always do but getting no where.

It always just felt weird, maybe it’s just me. I just never knew what cool thing to say. After some embarrassing google searches that involved “anxiety” and “how to talk to girls” I found out about Kratom and Phenibut.

Phenibut And Kratom Lets You Feel Happy, Normal, And Extroverted


Just ask these guys:

How To Take Kratom If You're A Non-Responder: Mix Phenibut And Kratom Together

How To Take Kratom If You're A Non-Responder: Mix Phenibut And Kratom Together

For those who don’t know, Kratom is a large tree native to Southeast Asia in the Indochina and Malesia Floristic region.

The leaves of Kratom have been used by the indigenous people as a stimulant in low doses, a sedative in large doses, and anti-diarrheal and pain killer. As a painkiller Kratom can uplift your mood and make you more productive.

That’s really the main benefit of Kratom the euphoria you get from the painkiller effect.

It’s an embarrassing story but I tried using Kratom and Phenibut to help me pick-up girls. It was going to be my liquid courage, and a phase that I was going through as well.

With very little side effects and great reviews I ordered Kratom from a trusted vendor.

How To Take Kratom If You're A Non-Responder: Mix Phenibut And Kratom Together

Note it says not for human consumption.
Lots of vendors do that for legal reasons because Kratom isn’t approved by the FDA.

30min in and the happiness hits me. I don’t know why but I always feel the Kratom in my legs. What I mean is I always feel a numbing happy sensation in my legs. I love it and now I was definitely hooked on how awesome Kratom is.

So I try it again the next day and bam it doesn’t work.

I take it on an empty stomach and it doesn’t work.

I take it with a caffeine pill and it doesn’t work.

Throughout my first month of trying Kratom it’s a miss or hit where it works and it doesn’t work, a placebo effect at times.

It’s the same deal with Phenibut.

How To Take Kratom If You're A Non-Responder: Mix Phenibut And Kratom Together


Did you know Phenibut was developed in Russia during the Soviet Union and placed in Russian Astronauts medical kits to help them deal with the stress of being in space for so long.

So really disappointed and let down I give up on both Kratom and Phenibut.

Fast Forward Two Years Later


I’ve graduated college, I’m 6 months out looking for a job, and I still haven’t found one.

Job interviews are tough.

I always felt nervous and anxious going into job interviews. There’s just something about going into a job interview, sitting across the table from a stranger you don’t know as he judges your body language and every word and sentence that comes out of your mouth to see if you’re worthy enough to breathe the same air and work in the same place as he does. I think that would make anyone nervous.

I would worry about saying the right things, coming off as a likeable person, and making sure I knew everything about the company only to have my mind go blank on certain questions as I stuttered sometimes to answer them.

I needed something to kill the anxiety I felt and help me chill out during these interviews.

So I think back to that time I tried Kratom and Phenibut. Maybe it’ll work now.

And The Kratom or Phenibut doesn’t work and I’m disappointed just like I was 2 years ago. Except this time I go on Reddit for answers and I stumble on mixing Phenibut and Kratom together.

The hype was real! They said it’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever try.

So of course I have to try.

30min after burning the Phenibut Kratom Combo kicks in. I feel really sedated, like super relaxed. The numbness in my legs tell me it’s working and that everything is going to be alright.

The disappointment I felt earlier goes away.

Sounds like a lot of hype for a plant (Kratom) and a dietary supplement (Phenibut), but please reserve judgment until you try it.

But Is Mixing Phenibut And Kratom Together Safe?


Remember that the mainstream media is waging a war against Kratom.

They report bias news stories of individuals dying from Kratom but they refuse to reveal that these people were drug addicts and abusers who had multiple drugs in their system at the time of death.

But the media will say that Kratom was the cause of death.

But remember these are the same people selling you a legal drug like Prozac(anti-depressant)where one of the side effects is a high chance of you committing suicide!


Yes mixing Phenibut with Kratom can pose a risk because you’re mixing an Opiate(Kratom) with a GABA(Phenibut)

The main issue is Phenibut. Keep phenibut dosages relatively low when mixing it with Kratom.

It’s not recommended to take more than 2g, but dosage will vary by individual.

For instance I mix 3g of Phenibut with Kratom. You’ll have to experiment and see what works for you.

Eventually you will not need the Phenibut to help you feel the effects of Kratom.

What You Can Expect From Mixing Phenibut And Kratom Together Into A Phenibut Kratom Combo


expect numbness in your muscles particularly your legs like someone shot a fluid of happiness into them.

Expect happiness like Buddha when he achieved nirvana.

Because you’re in such a good mood it’s going to be tough for you to stay mad at someone or for someone to make you mad.

Overall expect to feel comfortable and good about yourself.

Depending on how much you take mixing Phenibut and Kratom together can stimulate you, which allows you to plow through a lot of work while keeping a smile on your face, or it can sedate you.

I used to mix Phenibut and Kratom together as I was heading to an in-person interviews or 30min right before a phone interview. It makes talking to people so much easier.

Now I mix Phenibut and Kratom together at my current job where I’m on the phone for hours cold calling people. It’s really relaxing and makes me productive, kills the anxiety of having to talk to strangers on the phone.

My friend even remarked over the phone how chill and relaxed I was on the Phenibut Kratom Combo the first time I called him.

Things You Will Need For The Phenibut Kratom Combo


This is really important Kratom and Phenibut tastes really bad when you mix it with water, like you really won’t be able to drink it even if someone had a gun to your head. To avoid the bad taste, mix it with orange juice or stevia to cancel out the bad taste.

  • Kratom
  • Rockstar Hippo (Elite White Maeng Da)
  • Phenibut
  • Funnel Cup (optional)
  • funnel_cup

With the use of the funnel pour the Phenibut, Kratom, and Orange  Juice Or Stevia into the water bottle.

Shake it up and drink.

How To Take the Phenibut Kratom Combo For The Most Effectiveness

You take the Phenibut Kratom Combo on an empty stomach with a 200mg caffeine tablet(optional) to jumpstart it into action.

How Long Does The Feeling Of Mixing Phenibut and Kratom together Last?

Anywhere from 3-4 hours.

What Are The Dosage For the Phenibut Kratom Combo?

As a beginner you should do:

  • 3-4 grams of Kratom
  • 1000mg = 1 gram of Phenibut

If you don’t feel anything up the doses! Go for:

  • 6 + grams of Kratom
  • 2000mg = 2 grams of Phenibut

and so on and so on…

Just be careful and don’t take too much Phenibut because tolerance can build quickly.

Can You Take The Phenibut Kratom Combo 7 Days a Week?

Remember you can take Kratom 7 days a week because there are different types of Kratom or different types of strains of Kratom.

So as long as you rotate your Kratom and use a different strain each day you won’t build any tolerance.

There are not different types of Phenibut so you can’t rotate Phenibut and tolerance builds very fast. That’s why you should only take Phenibut Max 3 days out of the week back to back.

When you mix Phenibut and Kratom togetehr the same rules apply:


What you will notice is that after taking the Phenibut Kratom combo for 3 days a week for a month you will start responding to Kratom by itself without the Phenibut.

How Long Will The Phenibut and Kratom Last You?

Phenibut will last you 2 months.

Kratom will last you 2 months as well if you’re rotating strains and not using the same strain everyday.

Don’t Drink And Drive If You Have Phenibut In Your System

Phenibut makes 1 alcoholic drink feel like 8.

So be careful when your out there partying hard.

Why Does This Work?

Why does mixing Phenibut and Kratom together work?

For someone who’s a non-responder to Kratom, when you take the Phenibut Kratom Combo, the combination affects both the opioid recepters(Kratom) and the GABA receptors(Phenibut) at the same time which causes stimulation.

If you like this article about Kratom checkout:

P.S. You Can Order Kratom Here And Phenibut Here

The vendors are so confident in their Kratom that they’re offering a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If you aren’t satisfied with the Kratom return it within 30 days.


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  • KratomHappy April 14, 2016, 9:11 pm

    I can vouch for the Kratom plus phenibut combo too . I’ve tried it and it was awesome

    • Phenibut Kratom God April 14, 2016, 9:18 pm

      Thanks man! Glad you like it.

  • Atticus April 15, 2016, 4:23 pm

    In my experience, when taken separately the effects of phenibut usually takes a long time to kick in sometimes up to 2 or 3 hours, while the effects of kratom are felt within the hour. The one time I did mix phenibut and kratom, I felt quite light-headed nauseated.

    I’d like to try mixing them again though. I’m down to taking only one gram of phenibut when I do take it, so maybe I’ll wait about 6 hours after dosing phenibut and then follow up with a 2 gram dose of kratom to make sure that the effects aren’t so overwhelming to where I get that sick feeling.

    • Phenibut Kratom God April 15, 2016, 4:55 pm

      Honestly bro Phenibut did nothing for me when I take it by itself. I’m afraid to take more than healthy recommendation. It honestly only really works when I take Kratom with it.

      Dosage is definitely an issue for me as well. I have a really high tolerance for Kratom like I need 8-10grams just to feel anything.

      Throwing Phenibut definitely helps but I’ve thrown up multiple times experimenting with the dosages and how much I can take hahaha

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